A year after Copenhagen – Some Changes

24 12 2010

A very distinct change has occurred over the past year in how the average person sees the climate debate.

Even in my work, which is for a government environmental agency, only a few die hards still try to push the official line. Most just don’t want to talk about it.

Those outside of work, with very few exceptions (usually progressive ideologues), say they don’t believe a word of the official line and see climate as a natural process.

With this change in the popular perception of climate, I cannot see how western governments can continue for much longer on their current campaign of throwing ever larger amounts of money at a problem that most see as a waste of money.

In the US even prominent Democrats are balking (such as West Virginia’s Senators) at the EPA’s heavy handed regulatory approach to CO2.

I suspect we will see a reversal of course beginning in the new year. This will be accompanied by wails from the green left, but with the American people (and even labor left) turning away, the wails will be muted.

I don’t think it is time yet to put down our guard, but the momentum appears to have genuinely shifted. It is time to start becoming more optimistic.

Damn shame though that our economy has been so damaged by this madness.




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