Copenhagen and Climategate

12 12 2009

Amazing how a little leak can swamp such a big boat. The warmistas are bailing like madmen. The will likely keep from sinking, but the boat will float so well again.

Given the rise in volume and shrillness we have seen from the warmistas over the past six months I am absolutely stunned by how the leak of emails and data from the CRU has turned the whole debate over AGW on its head.

I am not for a minute convinced it will stop the IPCC train, but at least most folks will now see it for what it is – a massive power grab by the watermelons (green on the outside, red at the core).

I still hope for some degree of sanity to become apparent, but this might still take time as the sheer weight of bureaucracy that is behind the IPCC is enormous. Intertia, while normally thought of as a physical property of matter, is relevant to bureaucarcies as well.

The anchor chain of the Copenhagen agreement (what ever it might be) plus the EPA finding, as well as any Cap n’ Trade initiated by congress, will take a while to affect the economy. As it does, and if cooling continues, it will become increasingly difficult for the politicians to ignore the weakness of the AGW argument. Even if cooling stops, the economic fall out will cause many politicians to call for a loosening (if not abolition) of the economic knots to bring back economic growth. The green jobs will eventually be seen for what they are – a smokescreen.

Pessimistic? Yes. Perhaps too much so, but time will tell.




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