A year of Blog Neglect

19 06 2009

Its been 13 months since I posted here on climate. In that year the alarmists have doubled down on their rhetoric and demostrated their take over of the major scientific societies and thier pre-eminence in government, academia and media.

Meanwhile the planet has continued to cool and CO2 increases at the same rate it has over the last several decades. The major ice loss in the arctic has recovered and global sea ice extent is back where it was in the 1970’s.

A new administration has vowed to follow science in formulating government policy, but so far that extends only to following alarmist pseudoscience.

In some ways I kind of hope that the adminstration does follow the advice of James Hansen , Al Gore and the IPCC. I say this because I believe that in doing so it will expose the insanity of the AGW religion for what it is – a huge global Piltdown Man scandal. But then I wake up and stop daydreaming because following this anti carbon jihad so will so utterly cripple our economy that it will take a generation and the deaths of millions (if not billions) to recover.




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